Welcome To The Quiet Cone


THE QUIET CONE has a new name and new location. Find us at The Sound Temple.


Discover the magic place within yourself as you soak up the energies in a Quiet Cone.


Step into a place where you will meet an entirely different 'you'.

A place where you will feel both energised and incredibly relaxed all at once.

A special zone where anxieties wash away and a sublime meditative state envelopes you in warmth  and serenity.

For those seeking it, a spiritual retreat on a recognised energy vortex.


In these pages you will find considerable information on what we offer  to visitors, history about the Gongs, special events, workshops, and much much more, thank you for taking the time to visit us.




  • "Peter (Gongmaster) put us so at ease at introduction, then took us to another plane with his expertise on the Gongs, music and lovely sandalwood scents. A wonderful time and we ..."
    Peter & Jill, Bicton
  • "Everyone should experience the Quiet Cone at least once in their lifetime. "
    Karen M, July 09